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On the Lecture Circuit

As a widely published author and conference speaker, Dr. Richards receives many requests to give guest lectures or keynote addresses at conferences. Dr. Richards is happy to offer talks at conferences and language teaching programs without fee, as long as feels he has a useful contribution to make.

Recent and forthcoming presentations include:

  • Teaching academic content in a second language: Victoria University, Wellington, March 2023
  • Teaching English as an International Language. Mexico, Autonomous University of Baja California. March 2023 (Virtual)
  • Cooperative Approaches to Teacher Professional Development. Seoul, South Korea, KOTESOL Convention (in person)
  • Teacher strategies in English Medium Instruction. Sydney, University of Sydney, July 2023
  • English Medium Instructions- an Introduction. TATE Conference Hammamet, Tunisia October 2023 (Virtual)
  • English Medium Instruction – Issues and Challenges: Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, Kaohsiung, Taiwan  October 2023 (in person).
  • The Future of the Past: Changes in Approaches to Classroom Instruction. Cam TESOL Keynote, Phnom Penh, February 2024 (in person)

Review in RELC

Marilyn Nesta Lewis and Marie Alina Yeo review Teaching and Learning in English Medium Instruction in RELC Journal.

The authors’ modest subtitle, An Introduction, could suggest that the book would appeal only to those who know little about the topic. Yet, as this review aims to show, in fact, its contents would be helpful to teachers at various stages of their EMI teaching journey. It would also be useful for teacher educators, researchers and administrators
involved in this growing phenomenon.

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Special Issue of Language Teaching Research Quarterly

Positive Book Review

Reviewers give a very positive review of Richards and Pun Teaching and Learning in English Medium Instruction

Richards and Pun’s experiences of EMI in various contexts make this book an engaging read for anyone in the field. With its broad coverage and in-depth treatment of essential topics in EMI, this volume is indispensable reading for EMI researchers, classroom teachers, EMI policymakers and administrators, as well as students on TESOL teacher training programs.

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New Series of Professional Books

Professor Richards has been invited to contribute to a new series of practical professional books for teachers of English in China. The series is being published by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, the educational publishing division of Beijing University of Foreign Studies and the largest university press in China. The series editors for the books are Professor Guoxing Yu (Bristol University) and Professor Peter Gu (Victoria University, Wellington). The title and contents of Professor Richards’ book are:

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New Series of Practical Booklets for Teachers

Dr Richards and his colleague at the Regional Language Centre, Singapore - Dr  Marie Yeo - are editing a new series of practical low cost booklets for teachers and teacher trainers.

The first three titles in the new series are now available, and include one by Dr Richards called Planning a Language Course: Principles and Procedures.




Cambridge University Press to Publish Two New Books by Jack C Richards

Dr. Richards has written a book called 50 Tips for Teacher Development, to be published in 2017. The tips in the book contain a wide variety of activities that teachers can use to plan and manage aspects of their own professional development. They draw on Dr. Richards’ many years of experience in working with teachers at different stages in their professional development. The tips address core aspects of teacher development, including such issues as assessing needs and goals, researching teaching and learning, extending knowledge and skills, and expanding professional knowledge.

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5th edition of the Interchange series

Cambridge University PressCambridge University Press plan to publish the 5th edition of the Interchange series  in 2017.

The 5th edition will have substantial new content and design and reflect feedback from focus groups conducted in the primary markets for the series.