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On the Lecture Circuit

As a widely published author and conference speaker, Dr. Richards receives many requests to give guest lectures or keynote addresses at conferences. Dr. Richards is happy to offer talks at conferences and language teaching programs without fee, as long as feels he has a useful contribution to make.

Recent and forthcoming presentations include:

  • Teaching academic content in a second language: Victoria University, Wellington, March 2023
  • Teaching English as an International Language. Mexico, Autonomous University of Baja California. March 2023 (Virtual)
  • Cooperative Approaches to Teacher Professional Development. Seoul, South Korea, KOTESOL Convention (in person)
  • Teacher strategies in English Medium Instruction. Sydney, University of Sydney, July 2023
  • English Medium Instructions- an Introduction. TATE Conference Hammamet, Tunisia October 2023 (Virtual)
  • English Medium Instruction – Issues and Challenges: Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, Kaohsiung, Taiwan  October 2023 (in person).
  • The Future of the Past: Changes in Approaches to Classroom Instruction. Cam TESOL Keynote, Phnom Penh, February 2024 (in person)