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Jack C. Richards - Key Issues in Language Teaching

Professor Merrill Swain interviews Dr. Richards about his new book Key Issues in Language Teaching

Jack C. Richards - Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching

Professor Jack C. Richards is interviewed by Hayo Reinders about his new book Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching 3rd Ed

Interview at IATEFL Birmingham

Professor Richards talked about some of the changes in teaching and publishing that are taking place as a result of increased use of technology.

See the video interview here >>

Print & Online

Radio New Zealand

Radio NZ 1 December 2011: Feature Guest: Jack C Richards - World renowned applied linguist and educator, who's also a big supporter of music and art.

Radio NZ 14 August 2011: Art and Language - Professor Jack Richards is an applied linguist and educator with a distinguished international reputation, both as a scholar and as a patron of the arts. He is the author of many widely used textbooks for English language students and talks to Chris about his life's passions.

Radio NZ Monday 8 August 2011: Upbeat: Professor Jack Richards -NZ philanthropist, author and Victoria University 2011 Ian Gordon Fellow.