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Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching 3rd edition

Gaby Tavella’s comments on Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching 3rd edition appeared in ELT Journal 71/1 2017 122-124:

This book … is extremely useful for teachers, teachers trainers, and/or researchers who want to have an overview of how the field of language teaching has evolved. It is also a valuable contribution for those who want to read further about approaches and methods, and their possible advocates or critics.

You can view the PDF here.

Creativity in Language Teaching: Perspectives From Research and Practice

Creativity in Language Teaching: Perspectives From Research and Practice was reviewed by Daniel Tang of Otemae University in JALT Journal, Vol. 38, No. 2, November 2016.

One of the standout features of this book is the Questions for Discussion and Suggestions for Further Research sections at the end of each chapter. The vast majority of the questions are relevant, thought provoking, and immediately useful in theoretical and practical realms…

You can view the PDF here.

Key Issues in Language Teaching

Key Issues in Language Teaching was reviewed by Dr Rosemary Wette in New Zealand Studies in Applied Linguistics 22 (2) 2016.

The book would be an invaluable library resource for use by staff or graduate students in any kind of L2 teaching institution, and I am happy to recommend it without reservation.

You can view the PDF here.

Key Issues in Language Teaching

Key Issues in Language Teaching is really a valuable asset. If you, either as a practicing or prospective English language teacher, find yourself in an EFL book store having enough money for only one book, this is the book to buy.

Le Van Canh, a senior lecturer in applied linguistics and second language teacher educator at Vietnam National University, reviewed Key Issues in Language Teaching in English Australia Journal Volume 32 No 1.

You can view the PDF here.

Language Learning Beyond the Classroom

A book by David Nunan and Jack Richards, Language Learning Beyond the Classroom, has received an excellent write-up in ELT Journal. Reviewer Phil Benson concluded:

Nunan and Richards end their preface to the book by outlining several themes that emerge from it. Out-of-class activities, they argue, address some of the limitations of classroom-based learning, especially through opportunities for authentic language use and real communication. Benefits include, in addition to the development of language and communication skills, enhanced confidence and motivation, personal growth, and intercultural awareness. They also conclude that there is a need to integrate out-of-class and classroom learning, by setting clear goals for out-of-class activities, preparing students, and providing follow-up activities. These are sound conclusions to a book that deserves to be widely read and discussed.

The full review is available at the ELT Journal website.

Creativity in Language Teaching: Perspectives from Research and Practice

Creativity in Language Teaching was reviewed by Jennifer Brooke in The Journal of Language Teaching and Learning 2016 Volume 6/Issue 1.

You can view the PDF here.

Practice teaching: A reflective approach

Practice Teaching has been the subject of Review Forum in ELT Journal, Vol 67/3, July 2013.

The review in the April 2013 International Journal of Language Studies concluded:

Practice teaching: A reflective approach serves as a useful guide to language pedagogy, with the potential to build confidence in student teachers regarding the realities of language teaching, as well as providing practical advice for teachers at all levels of experience. The book is worth recommending, as it fosters three attributes which facilitate a reflective approach to teaching: “open-mindedness, responsibility, and wholeheartedness” (Dewey, 1933, cited in Richards & Farrell, 2011, p. 167).
Reviewed by Sakire ERBAY,
Karadeniz Technical University,
Trabzon, Turkey