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Review in RELC

Marilyn Nesta Lewis and Marie Alina Yeo review Teaching and Learning in English Medium Instruction in RELC Journal.

The authors’ modest subtitle, An Introduction, could suggest that the book would appeal only to those who know little about the topic. Yet, as this review aims to show, in fact, its contents would be helpful to teachers at various stages of their EMI teaching journey. It would also be useful for teacher educators, researchers and administrators
involved in this growing phenomenon.

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Special Issue of Language Teaching Research Quarterly

Positive Book Review

Reviewers give a very positive review of Richards and Pun Teaching and Learning in English Medium Instruction

Richards and Pun’s experiences of EMI in various contexts make this book an engaging read for anyone in the field. With its broad coverage and in-depth treatment of essential topics in EMI, this volume is indispensable reading for EMI researchers, classroom teachers, EMI policymakers and administrators, as well as students on TESOL teacher training programs.

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Glowing review in ELT Journal

Language Learning Beyond the ClassroomA book edited by David Nunan and Jack Richards, Language Learning Beyond the Classroom, has received an excellent write-up in ELT Journal. Reviewer Phil Benson concluded:

Nunan and Richards end their preface to the book by outlining several themes that emerge from it. Out-of-class activities, they argue, address some of the limitations of classroom-based learning, especially through opportunities for authentic language use and real communication. Benefits include, in addition to the development of language and communication skills, enhanced confidence and motivation, personal growth, and intercultural awareness. They also conclude that there is a need to integrate out-of-class and classroom learning, by setting clear goals for out-of-class activities, preparing students, and providing follow-up activities. These are sound conclusions to a book that deserves to be widely read and discussed.

The full review is available at the ELT Journal website.