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New Owners for Tiromoana


Earlier in 2023 Jack Richards and Won Gyu Moon decided to part with Tiromoana – for over 30 years their spectacular beach-view property and garden near Gisborne — in view of changed priorities about how and where would like to spend their summers. At the same time Jack’s sister Gillian and her husband Colin who oversaw Tiromoana as well as their own neighbouring property, made a similar decision and both properties were listed with a local real estate agent.

Jack and Won Gyu were delighted to hand over their property to the new owners in July, a distinguished lawyer and Chief District Court Judge and his wife, who are looking forward to becoming the new guardians of the property.

Jack and Won Gyu have meanwhile acquired an apartment in Sydney to serve as their base when they visit Australia.

Piano Recitals at Tiromoana

Piano recitals by 4 student pianists to be held at Dr. Richards Gisborne residence in July, August, September and October 2022 featuring Tony Yan Tong Chen, Ben Kennedy, William Perry and Otis Prescott Mason.

Tony Chen Lin & Long Nguyen at Tiromoana

A recital in Gisborne on the 3rd July 2022 by pianist Tony Chen Lin and bassoonist Long Nguyen:

WEBER Bassoon Concerto in F major, Op.75
SCHUMANN Kreisleriana Op.16
ELGAR Romance for Bassoon and Piano, Op.62
TANSMAN Suite for Bassoon and Piano

Tiromoana in NZ Gardener

Professor Richards’ home in Gisborne has been featured in NZ Gardener Magazine

There comes a time in a well-travelled person’s life when the siren song of home becomes more insistent.

For many years, Jack Richards, a professor of linguistics, and his partner, Won Gyu Moon, divided their time between international work commitments, and their homes in Sydney and Korea. Richards’ frenetic schedule of lecturing, writing and touring made breaks in his home town of Gisborne all the more precious…

The article is available online here: Gisborne’s Garden Over the Sea: A Sanctuary for Nature and Art