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Preparing instructional materials for language courses


Submitted by Maria Giselle Agustin, Philippines

What are the criteria in preparing instructional materials for language courses?

Professor Richards Responds:

The following issues need to be addressed and how they are answered will determine the design for the instructional materials.

  •         What needs are the materials intended to address?
  •         What kind of syllabus will they be based on?
  •         What kind of teachers, learners and institutions are the materials intended for?
  •         What features are they likely to look for in the materials?
  •         What approach will the materials be based on, and what principles of teaching and learning will they reflect?
  •         How many levels will be involved, and at what level will the materials start and end?
  •         How will the material in the course be organized?
  •         How many units will it contain, and how many classroom hours will be needed to teach it?
  •         What  components will be involved, such as teacher’s book, workbook, tests, audio component, video component, digital and online components, and who will develop these?
  •         What will the format of units be, and what kinds of exercises and activities will be used throughout the material?